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Tax Forms

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services maintains a website at http://www.drs.state.ct.us. When viewing the home page, look to the left frame and click on FORMS to take you to the section of their web for downloading State of Connecticut Tax forms. For links to other states tax sites, look to the left frame and click on OTHER TAX SITES and follow the links to State Tax Departments and, ultimately, the state of your choice.

Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed property is a function of the Connecticut Office of the State Treasurer. For unclaimed property claims, please see their web page at http://www.state.ct.us/ott/.   For additional information, you can E-mail the Unclaimed Property Unit: unclaimed.property@po.state.ct.us. For inquiries regarding a claim please include the following information in your E-mail: Name, Current Address, and Phone Number of claimant.

Weather and Road Conditions

More Weather Sites: Weather in:


The links from the menu above link to www.wunderground.com. See Disclaimer.

Calendar of Events

The CT.gov site, per se, does not have such a listing. However, the Connecticut Office of Tourism, which maintains a website at: http://www.ctbound.org . The site also includes a calendar of events, which can be found at:  http://www.ctbound.org//Events/   Please contact Jean Hebert, the tourism site administrator at 860-270-8086 or Jean.Hebert@po.state.ct.us for more information.

Connecticut Nicknames

There are several nicknames for persons from Connecticut, even though none is "official":

According to Webster's New International Dictionary, 1993, a person who is a native or resident of Connecticut is a "Connecticuter". There are numerous other terms in print, but not in use, such as: "Connecticotian" - Cotton Mather in 1702. "Connecticutensian" - Samuel Peters in 1781. "Nutmegger" is sometimes used. It is derived from the nickname, the Nutmeg State, based on the practice of the Connecticut peddlers who traveled about selling nutmegs.

"Constitution State"

According to the 1999 Connecticut Register and Manual, p.890... Connecticut was designated the Constitution State by the General Assembly in 1959. As early as the 19th Century, John Fiske, a popular historian from Connecticut made the claim that the Fundamental Orders of 1638/1639 were the first written constitution in history. Some contemporary historians dispute Fiske's analysis. However, Simeon E. Baldwin , a former Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, defended Fiske's view of the Fundamental Orders in Osborn's History of Connecticut in Monographic Form by stating that "never had a company of men deliberately met to frame a social compact for immediate use, constituting a new and independent commonwealth, with definite officers, executive and legislative, and prescribed rules and modes of government, until the first planters of Connecticut came together for their great work on January 14th, 1638-39."

You can find this selection on the Web at http://www.sots.state.ct.us/RegisterManual
  Be sure to scroll down about half way down the page to the heading "CONNECTICUT-THE CONSTITUTION STATE."  Also checkout a discussion about Connecticut's unofficial nicknames: "Nutmeg State," "Provisions State," and "Land of Steady Habits" at http://www.cslib.org/faq2.htm#NicknamesforConnecticut 

"Nutmeg State"

The answer is posted on the Connecticut State Library’s Homepage at http://www.cslib.org/faq2.htm#NicknamesforConnecticut 

Connecticut Civil War Units

Connecticut Historical Society

The Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105  http://www.chs.org  Phone: (860) 236-5621

Connecticut Town Names and Places

Connecticut has 169 official municipalities that are listed at http://www.munic.state.ct.us/townlist.htm.  There are two other lists which you may want to check:

  1. Post Offices In Connecticut: http://www.sots.state.ct.us/
  2. Towns, Villages And Districts With No Post Office Of Same Name: http://www.sots.state.ct.us/RegisterManual/

The Connecticut State Library may be able to help you. They maintain an e-mail address for historical, governmental, and genealogical questions. Please direct your question to this e-mail address: http://www.cslib.org/asklib.htm 

Connecticut State Flag

The State of Connecticut, itself, does not sell the Connecticut state flag. It is possible that a local flag vendor may also be able to get you a State of Connecticut flag.  At any rate here are a number of Connecticut flag vendors:

  • Bill Gates Flag & Banner Co. (800) 874-1776
  • Flagman of America, 22 E Main St, Avon, CT 06001, (860) 678-0275
  • Flag Store of Connecticut, 186 Hall Ave, Meriden, CT 06450, (203) 237-8791
  • American Banner & Flag Co, 489 Wolcott St Apt 47, Bristol, CT 06010, (860) 584-9948

In addition, there are a number of flag vendors who sell Connecticut ( and other) state flags through their web sites:

County Government

County government in Connecticut was abolished effective 1960. Counties continue only as geographical subdivisions. The 8 Connecticut counties are:

  1. Fairfield County (1991 Population: 827,430; Total land area: 830.0 sq mile )
  2. Hartford County (1991 Population: 853,400; Total land area: 750.6 sq mile)
  3. Litchfield County (1991 Population: 175,170; Total land area: 944.6 sq mile )
  4. Middlesex County (1991 Population: 143,710; Total land area: 439.1 sq mile )
  5. New Haven County (1991 Population: 799,380; Total land area: 862.1 sq mile )
  6. New London County (1991 Population: 225,310; Total land area: 771.7 sq mile )
  7. Tolland County (1991 Population: 129,120; Total land area: 417.0 sq mile )
  8. Windham County (1991 Population: 102,580; Total land area: 521.5 sq mile)

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